Scribble Gen for Blender [0.21]

Joey Carlino
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Updated 11-23-2022
This is an early release of this product. Features are still being added and it may contain bugs.
Versions available for 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4+

0.11 Video Tutorial
0.20 Video Tutorial

Patch notes and directions are at the bottom

Scribble Gen is a set of tools that let you model by drawing

Using the power of geometry nodes, Scribble Gen contains the following sets:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Brick Wall
  • Cables
    • Hanging Cables
  • Chains
  • Cobwebs
  • Instance On Curve
  • Particle Emit
    • Fire
    • Dripping Particles
  • Particle Flow
  • Scatter
  • Simple Curve
  • Volume Curve

Each of these presets has a ton of customization options so you can make them work with a wide variety of projects.

These presets are marked as assets.
Put them in your asset library folder and you'll be able to access them from any Blend file!

Barbed Wire

Brick Wall


Hanging Cables



Instance On Curve

Particle Emit


The colors in the GIF have been compressed. Fire is available in 3.3 and 3.4


Particle Flow


Simple Curve

Volume Curve

For bug reports or feature requests, come to my Discord server ( and post in the suggestions channel.

Or you can email me at

0.11 Video Tutorial
0.20 Video Tutorial

----- How to use in a new file -----

All of the objects in the "Scribble Gen Presets" collection are marked as assets.

To use them in the asset browser, go to Edit > Preferences > File Paths

Choose a folder for your asset library and make sure this file is in there.

That's it! Now you can access Scribble Gen Sets from any blender file!

----- How does it work? -----

Everything is made with geometry nodes, so you can play with the parameters in the modifier tab.

To draw with curves, go into edit mode, hit T to open the tool panel, and select the draw tool

Options are split into different categories.

If you want your curve to interact with your scene, set a target collection under the "Common" category

Collision is turned off by default for performance. Try turning it on to keep curves from going through objects. The higher the resolution the more accurate it should be.

Try changing the curve radius with alt+S, some of the options are tied to this shortcut. If you see an option that says "use curve radius", use alt+S.

Try hovering over options to see the tooltips

Patch notes

  • 0.21Requires Blender 3.4
    • Updated fire to be more realistic compared to 3.3
  • 0.20Requires Blender 3.3New presets added:
    • Instance On Curve
    • Particle Emit
      • Dripping
      • fire
      • mesh versions
    • Particle Flow
    • Scatter
    • Simple Curve
    • Volume Line
      • mesh version
    Added “realize instance” toggles to some presets so they can be converted to a mesh more easily.
  • 0.11The following changed have been made:
    • New terminology for duplicate pinching
    • Tooltips added to all presets
    • New default values for some presets
    • The rotation issue with the brick wall “flatten” option has been fixed
  • 0.10First releaseRequires Blender 3.2Has the following presets:
    • barbed wire
    • brick wall
    • cables
    • cables - hanging
    • cobwebs
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Scribble Gen for Blender [0.21]

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